Virtual Reality Storytelling & Mixed Reality

For my final project, I jumped into working with VR to begin creating an interactive narrative.  The title of this experience is “Somniat,” and it’s hoped to revisit feelings of childhood innocence and imagination in its users.

This project was built upon across three separate ACCAD courses – “Concept Development for Time-Based Media,” “Game Art and Design I,” and “Devising Experiential Media Systems.”  In Concept Development, I created a storyboard, which eventually became an animatic of the story I hoped to create.  Then in Game Design, I hashed out all the interactive objectives, challenges, and user cues, building them into a functional virtual reality experience.  And finally, in DEMS, I brought all previous ideas together and built the entire experience, both inside and out of VR, into a complete presentation!  A large focus of this presentation was the mixed reality greenscreen.  Mixed reality is is where you record the user in the virtual world as well as the real world, and then blend both realities together!  An example of this mixed reality from my project can be seen below:


I had a great time working on this project.  I’d have to say my biggest takeaway from our class has been to start thinking of everything that goes into a user’s experience; from first hearing about the content to using it for themselves to telling others about it after.  My perspective on creating experiential content has been widened, and I look forward to using this view on work in the future!

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